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Neon Brick & Wall Breaker

Place the blocks around the empty space. Move & rotate the blocks to fill the empty place. Create complete horizontal lines of blocks to blast it. Full lines disappears like blitz in retro brick games. The game ends, when theres no space left. The Neon brick breaker free game is finally here. This brick breaker free game is a puzzle game works as puzzle game for kids. This brick game full version is absolutely free and it has simple brick puzzle block classic game which can easily played by anyone. This wall breaker game is developed with neon effect for HD graphics. This brick puzzle game has eye catching neon effect. No need to color match just fill the empty space with falling bricks. This Falling block game is very easy to play. ✔ Play with simple & easy controls. ✔ Puzzle game for kids ✔ Puzzle game for adult. ✔ Automatic downwards falling brick motion ✔ Fun brain trainer and time killer ✔ Crazy eye catching neon-light glowing icon designs. ✔ Simple yet addictive neon icon puzzle. ✔ Suitable for all ages group ****all trademarks are the property of their respective owner.