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Wire • Secure Messenger

Wire secures your business and personal chats, files and calls with end-to-end encryption. All data is protected by European privacy laws. Wire combines strong end-to-end encryption with great user experience, and all the great features to get work done in a team, or to bring friends and families together. It works on all major platforms and devices so your chats, files and calls are always in sync and available everywhere. • End-to-end encryption – Chats, calls and files are secured and only the participants have the keys to unlock what is said or sent. Wire does not have access to your conversations. • Based in Europe – Wire follows strict Swiss data protection laws and all our servers are based in Germany and Ireland. • Open source and independently audited – Wires code is 100% open source and is regularly reviewed by independent security experts. • Mobile, tablet, desktop – The conversations and files are always in sync and you dont need a phone to sign up or log in. • Voice and video calls – Get a voice or video conference going in just one tap. • Secure file sharing – Securely send any file from your device, or from a cloud service like Dropbox. • Easy-to-use – Wire combines maximum security with a great user experience. Theres no training required and as many users say “even my grandmother can use it” • 2-in-1 – Wire is the first secure messenger that lets you log in with multiple accounts. Easily switch between work and personal conversations. • Rich conversations – Audio and video messages, GIFs, sketches and likes help to keep the conversation going. Wire is free for personal use. More info: wire.com

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